My Inspirations

Below are my Technical Gurus or inspirations. The order does not matter. They all have an equal respect in my heart :)

I do not think Bill Gates requires any formal introduction. I am of not that great height to describe the great personality i.e. Bill Gates. Bill Gates I believe is an inspiration for most of the Geeks out there. I am a follower of Bill Gates and his principles. I also like his vision for the weaker section of the society.

Anybody who loves C#, definitely loves Anders. A great person with a great mind who is the father of language C#. A technical fellow at Microsoft. Love the way he is committed towards delivering better language with each release.

He is also called as father of ASP.NET! A person with a great vision towards the future of Web. Also love his talks and the way he presents them.

Anybody developing with ASP.NET, will know Scott Hanselman. A great man with an awesome style of presenting technological talks! I seriously like the way he gives talks about various technical concepts.

When I was a student, I used to listen to his various video tutorials about ASP.NET. His teaching skills helped me a lot when it comes to ASP.NET. Thanks for being my Guru Joe :)

Raghunath Nikam

He is my dad. A great person as an individual. He has won the National Award in Journalism. I am proud to be his son. Currently he is pursuing his Ph. D. in Cultural Life of Maharashtra.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma motivated me through his books, podcasts and various YouTube videos. I like and respect his philosophy of Lead Without a Title. I have read most of his books and love to read it them another time :)